Hatchling and Hatching Eggs

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Incubation / Egg Laying

An egg can be fertilized 24 hours before actual egg laying. Eggs remain viable for 10 days after they have been laid before losing viability. It is best to start incubating eggs as close to laying as possible.

Below are some relevant web resources:

Developments inside the egg



Misshapen Chicken EggTaking Care of Chicks:



ChickChick / Handfeeding Problems

Bird Nursery – Information about:

  • Gas-filled Crop (Candida)
  • Hydration Therapy for Chicks
  • Punctured Crop or Esophagus
  • Splay-legged Chicks



Reproductive Dysfunctions / Breeding-related Challenges:

Provides Info on Breeding, Mutations, Genetics and Bird-specific Breeding Requirements / Procedures and Challenges, Mate Aggression; Unsuccessful Breeding (Infertility, dead-in-shells, etc.)



Aviary Management:

Breeding Loan Agreements … Record Keeping … Bird Identification … Closed Aviary Concept … Pharmaceutical Supplies