Jandaya / Jenday Conures aka Flaming Conure aka Yellow-headed Parakeet

The Jenday Conure or Jandaya Parakeet (Aratinga jandaya) is native to northeastern Brazil. 


The Jenday conure is a very beautiful bird, distinguishing itself by its bright colors rivaled only by its cousin, the sun conure. In fact, Jendays look very similar to Sun Conures, except that the wings of the Jenday are almost all green, other than the primary flight feathers, which are blue. Please refer to the photo to the right as it shows both Jendays and Sun Conures side-by-side. The Sun Conure is to the right. Your can see that the Sun Conure’s wings are yellow / orange (with green edging).

Jendays average 12 inches in length and weigh around 120 grams. 


Jendays have a reputation of being nippy and noisy, but they are loved for their affectionate, sweet disposition. To maintain that trusting and friendly personality, they should be handled frequently.

These small parrots are highly intelligent, and can often learn several words and phrases, but are not known for their talking ability. Jendays often enjoy learning tricks. 

Breeding / Reproduction:

These conures are quite common in captivity and are fairly easy to breed. Below are some helpful resources.

Conure Log / Nest-box / Nesting Peferences

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Genus: Scientific: Aratinga … English: Conures … Dutch: Wigstaartparkieten … German: Keilschwanzsittiche … French: Aratinga

Species: Scientific: Aratinga jandaya aka Aratinga solstitialis jandaya … English: Jandaya Conure, Yellow-headed Conure … Dutch: Jendaya Aratinga, Jendaya Parkiet … German: Jendayasittich … French: Perruche Jenday … CITES II – Endangered

Distribution: North-eastern Brazil

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Jenday by Monique

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