Seychelles Parakeets

The Seychelles parakeet (Psittacula wardi) is now extinct, but occurred in the Indian ocean islands of the Seychelles group – specifically the islands of Mahé and Silhouette – and was once sighted on Praslin in the Republic of Seychelles.

The last specimen was collected in 1881; the last captive birds were recorded in 1883 and this species was considered extinct by 1906.

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The species is suspected to have become extinct due to intense persecution by farmers and coconut plantation owners.


The Seychelles Parakeet averaged 16 ins (41 cm) in length. It resembled the Alexandrine parakeet, but was smaller and lacked the pink color in its collar.

The general plumage was green; back of head, nape and narrow stripes to cheek washed with blue; broad cheek-stripe and obscure narrow line from cere to eye black; abdomen yellowish-green; purple-red patch on wing coverts; upperside of middle tail-feathers blue with yellow tips, outer feathers green; tail underside yellow; bill red with yellow tip; iris yellowish; feet grey.

Female without black cheek-stripe. Immatures as female, but with shorter tail-feathers


Species: Scientific: Psittacula wardi aka Psittacula eupatria wardi … English: Seychelles Parakeet … Dutch: Seychellen Parkiet … German: Seychellen Edelsittich … French: Perruche des Seychelles | CITES StatusEXTINCT

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