8 Reasons Why Budgies Are So Popular

Why are budgies so popular?I had loved pets since my childhood. All these years, it was not feasible for me to keep one, but recently I have bought two budgies. Before buying these cute pets, I had engaged myself in thorough research on what animals and birds make the best pets.

I found that some birds- budgies, in particular, are highly popular and loved pets. That’s what made me decide to buy the budgies, and truly, I am now quite happy with my decision.

Why are budgies so popular? Budgies make lovable pets because they are easy to keep and are not expensive. These birds can be kept together in small flocks and they do just as well if kept individually. Budgies have a swift learning curve and can be taught to mimic human speech in less time, making them amusing pets.

Budgies are relatively easier pets to keep as they are quite low-maintenance and require only simple food options to thrive. Budgies are small-sized birds that generally do not grow beyond 7-8 inches and are naturally green in color.

People often confuse budgies with parakeets, but all kinds of parakeets are not budgies. It is important to know the distinction before you pick a budgie as your pet. Apart from ease of maintenance, there are several reasons why budgies are popular as pets.

Why budgies are such popular pets

Keeping any pet is something that requires time, effort and lots of love, as you would now be responsible for the care and well-being of that little animal or bird. Keeping a budgie as a pet is no different, although these birds are not very time-consuming to care for.

Budgies are loved by pet owners everywhere, the simplest reason being that they are absolutely cute and small, as well as active and talkative once you teach them to speak. Let’s see why and how these little birds have become so popular.

1. They are inexpensive

One of the USPs of keeping a budgie is that they do not cost a lot. Interestingly, in the early years of keeping budgies as pets, the birds were quite expensive, but as they became more and more popular and available widely, they are now very affordable.

One of the greatest causes for concern about keeping a pet is the cost associated with purchasing and caring for it. Budgies reduce that worry to a great extent.

2. They are friendly birds

Not many birds remain happy in captivity and unfortunately that often leads to their untimely demise or a sad life for the poor creature at any rate.

But budgies are used to and are content in human company and hence they tend to remain happier when fed well, interacted with regularly and cared for by their owners.

These birds are very social and most of the time, other than a healthy diet, all they need is company from their owners, with whom they get attached quite quickly. It creates a lovely bond for the owner to cherish.

IN this article we have listed 5 things budgies do that show how affectionate they really are! Read it here!

3. Communicative pets

Compared to other types of parrots, budgies are much more responsive to the human voices and tones and can pick these up quickly. Budgies are also good at learning small tricks such as waving their little wings and responding to certain commands.

These highly communicative birds are fun to have around and make for adorable pets. If you keep more than one budgie, it is highly entertaining to watch them interact with each other.

Budgies do not have loud voices, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be annoying! We warn you about that in this article!

4. Can be kept in pairs or more

Budgies are such birds that can and in fact, should be kept in pairs or if you can and prefer to, in groups. They are very social birds that can get lonely when you are not able to spend time with them.

Since they are inexpensive, one can keep more than one easily and have double the fun with the pets. We show you why you should always give your budgie a companion in this article!

5. Easy to tame

Although budgies, like any other parrot, are often loud and can screech for several minutes at a time, they are also incredibly easy to tame and are gentle when taken good care of by their owners.

This creates a good environment for you as a pet owner and makes them less of a bother and more of a joy and solace. This also makes them easy pets for beginners who have never had any kind of pet before, in particular, those who never had birds as pets.

We show you how long it takes to tame a budgie, and what you need to do for that in this article!

Are budgies popular?

6. Intelligent birds with different personalities

As it is, birds are known to be creatures of great intelligence. Along with that, budgies also have differing personalities, which makes having them as pets similar to having a good friend with their own distinct nature.

It can be a lot of fun to see these birds in their different moods and form a unique relationship with them once they get familiarized with you.

7. Great companions for all age groups

While some pets require more care and maintenance, budgies are suitable for people of all age groups, from the children to the elderly. These birds are known to bring peace and enjoyable company to the old, are good friends for children and are thus active stress relievers.

A great thing is that these birds are gentle and yet active, which ensures that they won’t hurt children and will be good company for them.

8. Not a hassle to maintain

Every pet may require a visit to the vet now and then, particularly in the beginning when the animal or bird takes time to adjust to its new home.

But apart from that, budgies are not at all a hassle to keep as they appear sleek and well-groomed without much effort of yours, other than providing clean water and a good, balanced diet.

Apart from getting their nails and beak trimmed, you will not have to spend extra to care for your avian friends!

Related Questions

What are some recommended diet tips for budgies? While budgies are not necessarily fussy birds, they do require some special care. Their diet should preferably be well-rounded including fresh, leafy vegetables- spinach, broccoli, carrots are good options. Seeds may be included but as they are high in fat content, they should be used minimally.

Can budgies be kept with other birds? Budgies generally get along well with other budgies, but not always with other varieties of birds. For instance, you should not consider keeping canaries with budgies, as the Canaries may be bullied by the budgies. Budgies will be happy with quails and finches in a cage.

What are some extra measures one can take to care for budgies? Budgies are lively birds, but they too need exercise. Offer the budgie a little space outside its cage, being careful that there are no cats or other potential threats around. Take care of their diet and ensure that they are kept warm in the winters through central heating and cage covers.

What are some pointers to choosing a suitable budgie? Budgies, in general, are spirited and active birds, but sometimes their sellers don’t keep them in good conditions. So there are some things you need to look out for- ensure that the bird’s feathers aren’t drooping, that its nostrils and beak are clean and unblocked and that its breathing is steady.