The 3 Reasons Why Your Budgie Is Quiet

Why Is My Budgie QuietBudgies, also known in America as parakeets, are very sociable, noisy, and happy birds, and are relatively simple to take care of. However, some people who have budgies may notice that this typically chirpy bird has suddenly become unnaturally quiet.

Nothing that you do will make it chirp, and sometimes days have gone by and you still don’t know what your budgie sounds like. This is bound to raise some concerns.

In fact, there may be several reasons for that, i.e. different illnesses or factors linked to the environment or mood. Birds have different characteristics and needs than other animals you may have kept as pets, so be sure to keep this in mind.

Also be sure to do the proper amount of research before purchasing a budgie – including finding a good avian vet in your area- so that you don’t accidentally cause it any harm.

Signs of illness

Sometimes, the reason for a budgie to be quiet is that it’s ill.

Check to see

  • if its feathers are all fluffed up
  • if it chooses to sit on the bottom of its cage rather than a perch
  • if there are any changes in its droppings
  • if it is vomiting
  • limping

These could all be signs of illness or a hurt leg or wing. If your budgie is clearly ill, this could be the reason why it is so quiet. Make sure you take it to an avian vet so it can get the treatment it needs.

If you are seriously worried about your budgies health and need clarity right now, read this article. It will show you the worst symptoms of illness in budgies.

Your Budgie is healthy but quiet?

But, in a better case scenario, you checked it out to find that the bird is completely fine. This raises questions since the answer isn’t as simple as having a vet prescribe treatment.

Now you’re wondering what could be the issue. The good news is, you most likely have absolutely nothing to fear. Now, let’s discuss three possible reasons as to why your budgie is quiet and possible solutions to make your budgie feel better.

Reason 1: It’s a Baby Budgie

If your budgie is still a baby (around four weeks old) that is most likely the reason why it has stayed quiet. This is because baby budgies don’t tend to make a lot of noise.

You may even think that you got a bird that is quieter than others. Budgies need to mature, and as they mature, they start to chirp a lot more.

A baby budgie will stay quiet unless it is being fed, and won’t make much more noise until it gets bigger. The reason behind this is also because baby budgies need to avoid attracting any possible predators but this is not a permanent behavior.

If you just purchased your baby budgie, it is likely also used to the presence of its parents and other baby budgies. Now that it is in a new environment without any of the other budgies it was used to, it is bound to be a bit nervous.

Baby budgies are kept in dark, warm nests, and all the baby budgies sleep close to one another for safety and warmth. If you see your baby budgie sleeping up against its cage, and not trying to explore, this is normal behavior in the beginning.

Once it starts getting bigger, the budgie will chirp a lot more and will be more willing to explore its surroundings.

Baby budgies, once they grow, will make a lot more noise. So, if your budgie is still small, there is nothing to fear, just give it some time.How To Help A Quiet Budgie

Reason 2: You Just Purchased the Budgie

So you have a new budgie and it’s not sick but it’s quiet as can be. You’ve taken it to the avian vet so that it can get a checkup and so that you know there’s nothing wrong.

Despite the vet assuring you that everything is fine, your budgie is still quiet.

This is because your new budgie is not yet used to its new environment in your home or office, and may possibly feel scared or threatened.

It may also not want to eat due to the fact that it will feel threatened to put its head down while you are in its presence. This can last three to four days, or possibly even more. Some people have even said that it took their new budgie several weeks to get used to their homes.

It is completely normal for a budgie to not make much noise at all for the first few days. The length of time it will take for your budgie to get used to you depends on the individual bird.

Also, keep in mind that your new budgie may be scared if you put your hand in its cage. It may not even eat because of this. Start slowly, even starting with a few fingers at a time.

Allow it to get used to the prospect of you having to put your hand in its cage.

What to do?

Read this article to learn how long it takes to tame a budgie and to receive tips on taming.

Besides that, there is not a lot that you can do, other than giving it some time to get used to you, your family, and your home.

In the meantime, you can cover three sides of its cage so the budgie can feel more secure.

Lay something down on the bottom of the cage and put its food there, since budgies like to look for food on the floor. You will see that your budgie is starting to feel more comfortable when it starts to explore its cage, look for its food and drink, and play with any toys you put in the cage.

A new budgie prefers to stay quiet so that it can observe its new environment. This is completely normal.

Make sure that you speak softly whenever you are in your budgie’s presence so that it doesn’t feel scared or threatened, too. Feed it whatever it was fed at the place you purchased it from.

Give your budgie some time to get used to things, and don’t hesitate to purchase some toys that budgies are known to like, such as bells, so your new budgie can have fun. Sooner or later, it will begin to chirp lively!

Reason 3: Your Budgie Could be Depressed

Just like any other animal, budgies are also susceptible to depression. Look first to see if there are not any obvious signs of illness. If your budgie is clearly healthy but does not want to interact, it may simply be depressed.

It may have bonded with another budgie at the place you purchased it from, and now it misses its friend. Budgies will naturally miss the homes where they came from and the other birds they were with. So, it’s natural for your budgie to be depressed for some time.A quiet budgie is often depressed

What to do?

Budgies grieve and there is a lot that you can do to help your little budgie. This article will show you exactly what to do.

If it is at all a possibility given your circumstances and lifestyle, perhaps consider purchasing another budgie to keep this one company. They may end up becoming the best of friends!

This is also a great option if sudden lifestyle changes will prevent you from spending a lot of time with your budgie.

(In fact, you should never keep only one budgie, but sadly, most people choose to get only one budgie.)

Otherwise, make sure that you interact with your budgie frequently. Take the budgie out of its cage and play with it a bit. Since budgies prefer to socialize, if you keep it in its cage for an unnatural period of time, it will gradually start to get depressed and withdraw.

Some people have suggested that if you are going to be out of your home all day- such as if you are going to work or an event- perhaps put on some soft music, television, or anything that will provide a little bit of noise.

Not only will this give your budgie some company but it will also help it to get used to different noises. If there is a lot of noise in your home, it could scare the budgie which will cause it to become quiet and withdraw.

If you have one budgie, be sure to play with it a lot. Take it out of its cage and allow it to perch on your hand or shoulders. This is a great opportunity for your budgie to bond with you and to feel more comfortable.

It is going to start being a lot noisier once it gets comfortable with you. Once your budgie has gotten used to you, it will enjoy sitting on your shoulder while you go about your daily activities.

Since budgies are flock birds, if you have more than one, your budgie is going to pay more attention to your other budgies than to you. This is normal.

Generally, budgies are lively birds that you will enjoy having. They are easy to handle and love to play. Be sure to give it space and time it needs, to treat it with special love and care and you will see- as it gets more comfortable with you, it will be a lot noisier!

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  1. my budgies are 7month old(they are female and male),can I train them?or it is late??what can I do for it at firs that they became confortable with me?

      • My daughter’s parakeet died the other day, she’s so upset. She was blaming her self for it, he was fine the night before and in the morning I found him on the bottom of the cage. We couldn’t figure out why, there are so many ifs and whys.

        • Hey Rose,

          so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, this happened and still happens to many bird owners.

          Sometimes it was a mistake in husbandry. Sometimes the bird was just sick.

          The problem is that many breeders and pet shops sell budgies/ parakeets that are sick due to bad breeding. Many budgies these days only live a couple of years.

          So this could be a reason.

          However, if you need more advice on what could have been the reason for your budgie’s death let me know. Maybe I can answer further questions.



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