8 Tips for Backyard Bird Feeding

8 Tips for Backyard Bird Feeding: Don’t Put Out Your Feeder Before Reading This!

Bird feeding holds a place of high importance both for avian wildlife and bird enthusiasts. By providing birds with supplemental nourishment, especially during times when natural food sources might be scarce, we play a crucial role in supporting their survival. However, there are some common misconceptions about feeding birds. For example, one prevalent myth is … Read more

Feeding Backyard Birds in the Winter

Feeding Backyard Birds in the Winter: Should You Bring in the Bird Feeder?

Winter presents a unique set of challenges for our feathered friends. As temperatures drop and natural food sources become scarce, birds face the daunting task of finding enough sustenance to survive. The importance of feeding birds during these colder months cannot be overemphasized. Not only does it provide them with the necessary nutrients, but it … Read more

Can Budgies Eat Grapes?

Why Budgies Should Not Eat Grapes

We all know that a healthy diet is important for budgies and a lot of owners love to feed their birds grapes. After all, fruits and vegetables are healthy foods and contain a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals. While grapes are a healthy fruit, they also contain a lot of fructose for a small … Read more

Best Budgie Treats

The 12 Best Treats For Budgies

Giving a budgie a treat does not only make your budgie happy, it also makes you happy. However, you should know that not all treats are healthy. That´s why we created a list with the 12 best treats for budgies! A Quick Word On Treats Before we show you the best treats, there are a … Read more

Can Budgies Eat Strawberries?

Can Budgies Eat Strawberries?

Everyone wants their budgie to be happy and healthy. Of course, part of this is having a good diet. A lot of owners want to feed their little bird friend some strawberries since they are brightly colored and taste good. But can budgies eat strawberries? The short answer to this question is – yes, budgies can … Read more

Can Budgies Eat Oranges?

Can Budgies Eat Oranges?

Just like any other pet, budgies need a good diet to stay healthy and happy. A lot of owners know that budgies can enjoy fruit and vegetables; but can they eat oranges on a regular basis? The answer to this burning question is yes, but they should be restricted. Can Budgies Eat Oranges? Oranges are … Read more

How Much Do Budgies Eat?

How Much Budgies Really Need To Eat

Feeding your budgie can be a difficult task. If you’re new to bird-keeping, you might not know how much to feed your budgie, what to feed it, and how often it needs to eat. Poor nutrition is often seen in new owners of budgies, which can lead to an array of health problems in your … Read more

Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes?

Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes? Be Careful!

Cockatiels are a common household bird all around the world, although they are from Australia. They tend to be easy to take care of and make friendly pets for people of all ages. Their diet was something of a mystery since there are so many foods on the market. So, can cockatiels eat grapes? Yes, … Read more