How Long Can Budgies Go Without Water?

How long can budgies go without water?Budgie owners are more likely to notice their birds taking a bath in the water bowl as opposed to drinking from it. Some owners never see their birds take a drink and may wonder if their birds even need water at all.

How long can budgies go without water? Budgies can last without water for a day or two. Keep in mind that just because a budgie can go without water for an extended period of time doesn’t mean it should. It is important to always provide your bird with fresh, clean drinking water.

Budgies are mysterious when it comes to their water intake but it is still an important part of their well-being. Any good budgie owner should look into their habits. Keep reading to get a better understanding of budgies and their water intake.

How much water does my budgie need?

The exact amount a budgie drinks in a day is not certain. Since their birds are elusive when it comes to drinking habits, not many studies have been conducted.

However, budgie owners record their parakeets consuming approximately a teaspoon of fluids daily with the use of a water tracking device.

Still, the estimate listed above can vary depending on lifestyle and environmental factors. Elements such as temperature, air humidity, type of bird food consumed, and activity level can all influence the amount of water your budgie will consume in a day.

Why do budgies drink such a small amount of water?

It may sound alarming that budgies only drink a minuscule amount of water daily. With a closer look into a budgie’s anatomy, it becomes clear as to why your bird is fine with just a few sips a day.

First, it is important to note the body size of your budgie. A healthy adult budgie will weigh anywhere from an ounce to an ounce and a half. When you’re as light as a feather, you only need a little bit of water to fuel your body.

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    Looking at it from this perspective, a teaspoon of water is relative to that small body size.

    A close look at a budgie’s facial composition also clues you in as to why they don’t drink in excess.

    They have beaks that are perfectly designed to crack open seeds and fruit, not suck up lots of water. (However, if you feel that your budgie might be drinking too much water, you should read our article on that here as this isn’t normal!)

    Animals develop for optimum survival. That’s why dogs have developed tongues that can scoop up water like a cup. Similarly, humans have evolved to have strong lips that make drinking lots of water an easy task.

    If budgies were meant to drink a lot of water, we would be able to tell from the facial composition.

    Additionally, budgies intake a small amount of water because they don’t lose it as fast as quickly as other animals. Budgies do not have sweat glands. This means they need to consume a lesser amount of water than mammals do.

    Instead, your budgie loses a majority of its water through respiration and excretion.

    Budgies can still lose a minority of their water intake through their skin. It is important to remember that activity level and weather can be factors in your bird’s hydration.How to keep a budgie hydrated

    How to keep your budgie hydrated

    You may not see your budgie drink a lot, but water intake is still important. Listed below are some helpful hints for keeping your bird hydrated.

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      1. Keep the water bowl clean.

      Budgies are very picky when it comes to drinking water. It is also incredibly easy for your bird’s water to become dirty.

      Budgies can be messy, and often seed, feathers, and droppings end up in the water bowl. Make sure to provide your bird with clean, fresh drinking water at least once a day.

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        If you need some tips on how to prevent a budgie from making such a mess all the time, read our article on that here!

        2. Keep the water fresh.

        Budgies are sensitive to taste so water freshness is important. You would not want to drink a cup of water that has been sitting out for a day, and neither does your bird. If the water is stale your bird will not drink it.

        3. Give them a flavorful beverage.

        You can encourage your budgie to consume more liquids by offering a tastier option than water. Dilute a teaspoon of honey in a half pint of water for your bird to enjoy. You can also dilute fresh fruit juice in water, but make sure it is additive and free of added sugar.

        You can offer these sweet beverages to your bird once a week but we recommend to only do it if your budgie has problems with hydration. Remember, at the end of the day your budgies should not consume a lot of sugar.

        4. Provide your bird fresh fruit and veggies.

        Adding fresh fruit and vegetables to your budgie’s diet is a delicious way to keep it hydrated. Fresh produce has a high water content and lots of vitamins to keep your budgie feeling great.

        We have created many articles on which fruits are okay for budgies. Regarding hydration, we recommend checking out our following articles:

        5. Offer your bird baths.

        A bath or a quick mist from a water bottle will also help keep your budgie hydrated. Your bird will consume a bit of the water, but mostly it will help regulate your bird’s body temperature. This means your bird will lose less water from its skin.

        You can use lettuce for providing a nice and fun bath for your budgie. We show you how it’s done in this article!

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          The best water bowl for your budgie

          You want to take all measures to make sure your budgie is keeping hydrated, but there is an important but often overlooked piece to the puzzle- the water bowl. It is important to provide your budgie with a water dish that is safe and not threatening to your bird.

          It is not recommended to purchase a covered water dish for your bird. Many owners think these are great options for curbing mess. The confined bowl does help to eliminate your bird from spilling water or using the dish as a bathtub, but it can also frighten your budgie.

          This type of dish can make your bird feel trapped and vulnerable, thus discouraging it from drinking. Birds love freedom. Purchase an accessible bowl.

          It is also a good idea to buy a bowl that is not porous. Plastic is a porous material and it is also easy to scratch plastic. Harmful bacteria can grow in these small spaces and unfortunately, not even the dishwasher can get hot enough to kill those dangerous germs.

          Stainless steel and porcelain are better options. They are easy to clean and are non-porous.

          Finally, it is best to keep the water bowl basic. Budgies don’t care for cutting edge designs or water fountains. Leave that technology for the toys. When it comes to water, keep it simple.

          Related Questions

          How long can budgies be left alone? A budgie can be left alone for up to two days, but it is not recommended. While your bird’s food and water source will be satisfactory for two days, other issues can arise. They are social animals and need attention. If left alone for too long they can become stressed and lonely.

          How long do budgies live? Budgies can live on average 5 to 10 years in captivity. There are cases of these birds living as long as 15 years. The lifespan of your bird depends on genetic factors, but lifestyle factors such as diet and activity level greatly affect your budgies longevity.

          Can budgies be left alone for a week? No, budgies cannot be left alone for a week. These birds thrive on socialization. Without proper stimulation, they can succumb to boredom and depression. Additionally, budgies require fresh food and water daily.

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          1. Just bought a young budgie. If we need to go away for a week-end, what is the best way to leave your budgie?
            If going on a 10 days vacation, what to do ? Do you bring your budgie somewhere to babysit?

            • Hey Ginette,

              congratulations on your new little budgie.

              Yes, you definitely need someone to take care of your budgie while you are away. Water and food need to be changed and the cage need to be cleaned.

              Budgies are very social creatures and I recommend to get at least another budgie so that your budgie is not alone in the cage – no matter if you are on vacation or not.

              I recommend reading this article: Why your budgie need as companion

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