Hybrid Macaws & Mutations

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Camelot Macaw Hybrid
Harlequin Macaw Hybrid
Camelot Macaw Hybrids

Hybrid crosses occurred in captivity where different species of macaws were allowed, or intentionally set up, to interbreed.

More than 35 different macaw hybrids occurred …

  • First Generation (F1) Hybrids: ~15 known hybrids
  • Second Generation (F2) Hybrids: ~16
  • Third Generation (F3 or more) Hybrids: ~5

Practice of Hybridization

Cross-breeding a bird with a different species of birds produces hybrids. Many aviculturists frown upon this practice as they feel that it is detrimental to the purity of bloodlines.

Hybrids are typical macaws, with the only difference from true species being their genetics and their colors. They tend to have intermediate characteristics between the parents’, though the appearance seems to be influenced more by the father’s genes.

Common hybrids include:

  • Harlequins (Ara ararauna x chloroptera) and
  • Catalinas (known as Rainbows in Australia, Ara ararauna x macao).
Harlequin Macaw Hybrid


Color Mutations are still considered “pure” birds. They occur in nature, although rarely and if they do, they often don’t survive long, if the “new color” is too vibrant and they are easily visible by predators.

Color mutations in captivity are perpetuated by breeding like colored birds to like colored birds (of two birds that carry the color gene). The resultant offspring will often be the color that is desired.

Camelot Macaw Hybrid

Hybrid Macaw Types

First Generation Macaw Hybrids

Hybrid macaws are often named by combining the species names of their parents, such as:

Pairing: Parent 1 x Parent 2 = Produce offspring named …

milligold hybrid macaw

However, sometimes breeders named their hybrid offspring based on physical characteristics. Typically this is based on the color of their plumage – such as “Verde” or “Emerald” macaws that are essentially green-plumaged, or “Ruby Macaws” are named for their ruby-red plumages; or the Calicos appear to have been named for the plumage’s tri-colored characteristics (Red, Green and Blue).

Parent 1 x Parent 2 = Produce offspring named …

Harlequin Macaw Hybrid

Second + Generation Macaw Hybrids

Naming with 2nd Generation Hybrid Macaws can be quite basic:

Parent 1 x Parent 2 = (produced offspring named)

  • Green Wing Macaw x Miligold Macaw (Hybrid between Blue & Gold and Military Macaws) = Camilla Macaws
  • Blue and Gold Macaw x Ruby (hybrid) = Blue and Gold x Ruby Macaws (?)
  • Calico Macaw (hybrid) x Blue and Gold Macaw = Blue and Gold x Calico Macaws
  • Camelot Macaw (2nd Generation hybrid) x Catalina Macaw (hybrid) = Camelina Macaws  (Came + lina)
  • Catalina Macaw (hybrid) x Blue and Gold Macaw = Catablu Macaws (Cata-blu)
  • Harlequin Macaw (hybrid) x Shamrock Macaw (hybrid) = Harlequin x Shamrock Macaws
  • Hyacinth Macaw and a Scarlet Macaw x Hyacinth Macaw and a Scarlet Macaw = Hyacinth x Scarlet Macaws
  • Catalina Macaw (hybrid) x Hyacinth Macaw = Hyalina
  • Miligold Macaw (hybrid) x Catalina Macaw (hybrid) = Milicat Macaws (Mili + cat)
  • Ruby Macaw (hybrid) x Catalina Macaw (hybrid) = Rubalina Macaws (Rub + alina)
  • Shamrock Macaw (hybrid) x Scarlet Macaw = Shamlet (Sham + let)
  • Shamrock Macaw x Catalina Macaw = Shamalina Macaws (Sham + alina)

Creative Naming: They either combine names or come up with names that are mostly based in physical characteristics of the hybrid young. (hybrids = 1st generation unless mentioned otherwise).

Parent 1 x Parent 2 = (produced offspring named)

Camelot Macaw Hybrid
  • Harlequin Macaw (hybrid) x Blue and Gold Macaw = Harligold Macaws
  • Harlequin Macaw (hybrid) x Catalina Macaw (hybrid) = Maui Sunrise Macaws
  • Harlequin Macaw (hybrid) x Green-wing Macaw = Jubilee Macaws
  • Harlequin Macaw (hybrid) x Ruby Macaw (hybrid) = Quatro Macaws
  • Harlequin Macaw (hybrid) x Scarlet Macaw = Tropicana Macaws
  • Shamrock Macaw x Catalina Macaw = Shamalina Macaws
  • Miligold Macaw (hybrid) x Scarlet Macaw = Starlight Macaws
Harlequin Macaw Hybrid
Camelot Macaw Hybrid Chicks
Camelot Macaw Hybrid
 Hybrid Macaw

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