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The below product is produced for both human and pet use. It has shown great effectiveness in relieving stress-related symptoms in birds, including plucking.

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    Application:Stress Control Formula For fast relief of nervous tension, minor anxieties, fearfulness, oversensitivity and HELPFUL in either mental, emotional or physical stress during high pressure situations.



    Aconitum Napellus: 

    (Boericke’s) (Monkshood)A wonderful natural remedy for relieving fear, and anxiety; anguish of mind and body; emotional and physical tension; worry.  Does not want to be touched.  Aversion to light.  For teeth sensitive to cold.  Relieves pressure and burning in stomach.  For relief of general intolerable pain. A great remedy for the following physical symptoms:  Burning, pressure headaches; earaches; swollen, dry tonsils; dry nasal membranes with throbbing; bleeding hemorrhoids; burning in urethra, bruised, swollen testicles, dry vagina; menses too profuse; shortness of breath; colic; affections of the heart with pain in left shoulder; stiffness in nape of neck; numbness and tingling in extremities and for relief of cold stage most marked in fever.

    Apis Mellifica:  (Boericke’s) (HoneyBee)

    For relief of apathy, indifference, unconsciousness, listless, whining, fearfulness, jealousy, fright, rage, grief, lack of concentration.  For relief of extreme sensitiveness to touch and general soreness.  Relieves heat, throbbing and pressure in and on the back of head and neck.  For relief of sore feeling in stomach.  Relieves a variety of physical symptoms:  styes (prevents their recurrence); inflamed, sore external red ears; swollen lips and gums; vomiting of food; sore, bruised pressure in abdomen; hemorrhoids (anus feels raw);  burning & soreness when urinating; severe ovarian pains; swelling of larynx with breathing hurried and difficult; tired, bruised feeling in extremities with numbness of hands and tips of fingers; and for hives with intolerable itching and swelling.

    Arnica Montana: Boericke’s  (Leopard’s Bane)

    Useful for nervousness, bearing pain and over sensitivity.  Research has shown this remedy to be especially suited to cases when any injury, however remote, seems to have caused the present trouble.  A powerful acting remedy for many physical symptoms:  limbs and body aches as if beaten and for joints that feel sprained; great relief for chronic vertigo; relieves violent, spasmodic coughs, pneumonia and acute tonsillitis; for relief of sleeplessness and restlessness when overtired; distended abdomen; diarrhea; sore nipples; stitches in heart, pulse feeble and irregular; gout; bed sores; and coldness of feet and hands.

    Arsenicum Album: (Boericke’s) (Arsenic Trioxide)

    Profoundingly acting remedy on every organ and tissue.  Effective for exhaustion, restlessness, great anguish, despair, and fear.  Relieves headaches and sensitivity of scalp.  For relief of unquenchable thirst.  Great for ailments from alcoholism, ptomaine poisoning, stings, dissecting wounds and chewing tobacco.  For relief of many physical symptoms such as red, scabby, scaly, granulated eye lids; roaring in ears; sneezing without relief; for unhealthy, easily-bleeding gums; metallic taste in mouth; relieves scanty, burning, involuntary urine (Bright’s disease); profuse, painful menses; wheezing respiration and inability to lie down for fearing suffocation; heart palpitations, pain and faintness; trembling, twitching, spasms, weakness, heaviness in extremities; cramps in calves; swelling of feet; dry, itching, burning swelling of skin and high fevers.

    Belladonna: (Boericke’s) (Deadly Nightshade)

    Its action is upon every part of the nervous system.For relief of an excited mental state, restless sleep, living in a world of your own, desiring to escape.  Relieves many physical symptoms:  dizziness; pain and fullness especially in forehead, temples and back of neck; facial pains and swelling; dry, burning throbbing eyes; tearing pain in ears; humming noises in ears; tingling in tip of nose; grinding of teeth; stammering; dry, contracted esophagus; nausea; tender, swollen abdomen; stinging pain in rectum; prolapsed anus; incontinence; inflamed hard testicles and diminished desire; mastitis pain; rapid but weakened pulse in heart; rheumatic pains; pustules on face; swelling, sensitive skin and fevers.

    Bellis Perennis:  (Boericke’s) (Daisy)

    Acts upon the muscular fibers of the blood-vessels.  Relieves much muscular soreness.  Excellent for sprains and bruises.  Especially useful for its ability to complete a nights sleep.  Relieves a variety of physical symptoms:  Headaches from back of head to top of head; vertigo in elderly people; bloated, soreness of abdomen; acne and varicose veins with bruised sore feeling.

    Bryonia: (Boericke’s) (Wild Hops)

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      For relief of great physical weakness, aching in every muscle and all-pervading apathy.  For relief of exceeding irritability and wants to go home.  Relieves vertigo, nausea, faintness on rising and confusion.  Great for bursting, splitting, headaches with frontal sinuses involved.  Relieves morning headaches.  Relieves pressing, crushing, aching pain in eyes.   Relieves roaring and buzzing in ears.  For dry, cracked, parched lips.  For relief of tough mucous and soreness in throat.  Hoarseness.  Relieves nausea, abnormal hunger, loss of taste, great thirst and soreness in stomach.  Liver region swollen, sore, tensive.  Tenderness of abdominal walls.  Great for constipation.  Menses too early, too profuse and with tearing pains in legs.  Stitching pains in ovaries.  Breasts hot and painful.  For painful stiffness in nape of neck.  For stitches and stiffness in small of back.  Knees stiff and painful.  Relieves hot swelling of feet and joints red, swollen, hot with stitches and tearing.  Relieves greasy hair. Improves sleep.

      Calendula Officinalis: (Boericke’s) (Marigold)

      A natural remedy for relieving nervousness and fright.  Relieves tearing headache and feeling of weight on brain.  Deafness.  Nasal discharge.  Relieves heartburn, nausea, vomiting and sinking sensation.  Relieves sensation of weight and fullness in pelvis.  Relieves yellowish skin.  For superficial burns and scalds.

      Chamomilla: (Boericke’s) (German Chamomille)

      The chief guiding symptoms belong to the mental and emotional group which many forms of disease follow.   Provides a powerful influence over peevishness, restlessness, impatience, complaining, spite and snappishness.  Extremely sensitive to pain.  Relieves throbbing headache in one-half of brain.  For relief of ringing in ears, earaches and feels stopped up.  Relieves spasmodic closing of lids.  Sensitive to all smells.  For swollen glands in neck and constriction in throat.  Hoarseness.  Irritable, dry, tickling cough and tightness in chest.  For toothaches.  For excessive nightly salivation.  For relief of nausea after warm drinks.  Relieves acid rising and bitter, bilious vomiting.  For abdominal distention and colic.  Diarrhea.  Hemorrhoids with painful fissures.  For painful, spasmodic labor pain.  Inflamed nipples.  Insupportable pain in loins and hips.  Relieves violent rheumatic pains, especially awakening at night.  Relieves burning of soles at night.  Ankles give way in the afternoon.  Relieves moaning, weeping and wailing during sleep.

      Cistus Canadensis: (Boericke’s  (Rock Rose)

      Effective for sleeplessness and itching.  Extremely sensitive to cold and sensation of coldness in various parts.  For spongy feeling in throat, hawking of mucous, heat and itching in throat.  For relief of tumors in neck.  Cool feeling in stomach before and after eating.  Coldness in chest.  Cold feet.

      Clematis Erecta:  (Boericke’s) (Virgin’s Bower)

      A remedy of much importance in disturbances of sleep and neuralgic pains in various parts.  Relieves boring pain in temples.  For relief of confused feeling which is better in open air.  For heat in eyes and sensitivity to air.  Effective for white blisters on face and nose.  For teeth that ache and feel too long.  Weakness after eating.  For swelling of scrotum in males.  Frequent, scanty urination.  Great for red, burning, scaly, scabby skin.

      Ferrum Phosphoricum:  (Boericke’s) (Iron Phosphate)

      Specifically for nervousness and sensitivity.  Prevents restless sleep, anxious dreams and night sweats.  A great remedy for first stage of all fevers and inflammation.  For the first stage of head colds.  For relief of headaches that are sore to touch, cold, noise, jarring and throbbing sensation.  Vertigo.  Relieves inflamed, red burning eyes and the feeling of sand under lids.  For facial pain, cheeks sore, hot and flushed.  For congestion in lungs.  Hoarseness.  For neck stiffness, crick in back and rheumatic pain in shoulder.  Hands swollen and painful.  Restores normal heart functions.

      Histaminum:  (Julian) (Histamine)

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        For people who are sensitive to the slightest trifle and who become nervous when waiting.

        Hypericum Perforatum:  (Boericke’s)  (St. John’s Wort)

        An effective remedy for the effects of shock and melancholy.  Relieves constant drowsiness and brain fag.  Head feels heavy, brain seems compress, right side of face aches, pain in eyes and ears.  Falling out of hair.  Nausea and feeling of lump in stomach.  Hemorrhoids.  Pain in nape of neck.  Jerking and twitching of muscles.  Darting pain in shoulders.  Pain in toes and fingers especially tips.  Joints feel bruised.  Dry skin.  Sores in mouth and very sensitive.

        Ignatia Amara:(Boericke’s) (St. Ignatius Bean)

        A chief remedy for hysteria and nervous temperament.  Used extensively for a changeable mood, introspective, silent brooding, melancholic, sad, tearful, non communicative, sighing and sobbing, grief and disappointment.  For headaches as if a nail were driven out through the side.  Congestive headaches.  For twitching of muscles of face and lips.  For excessive saliva.  Toothaches.  Feeling of lump in throat and cannot swallow.  Sore throat, stitches when not swallowing.  Inflamed tonsils.  For dry, spasmodic coughs.  Craving for acid things.  Sinking in stomach and all-gone feeling.  For rumbling, throbbing in bowels.  For itching and stitches in rectum.  Menses too early, too profuse or scanty.  Feminine sexual frigidity.  For jerking of limbs, pain in calves and soles.  Relieves fevers, chills with thirst, itching and nettle-rash all over body.

        Impatiens Glandulifera Flos: (European ref. only)  (Snapweed, Impatiens)

        A traditional flower remedy known for its gentle calming and stabilizing effect in a wide range of stressful situations.

        Ornithogalum Umbellatum:  (Boericke’s) (Star of Bethlehem)

        Useful for depression of spirits and complete prostration.  Feeling of sickness keeps awake at night.  Tongue coated.  Agonizing feeling in chest and stomach, loss of appetite and loss of flesh.

        Passiflora Incarnata: (Boericke’s) (Passion Flower)

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          Has a quieting effect on the nervous system.  For sleep that is restless and wakeful resulting from exhaustion.  Improves sleep of the mentally worried and overworked.  For violent headaches as if top of head would come off and eyes feel pushed out. 

          Phosphorus:  (Boericke’s) (Phosphorus)

          Centers its action on raising spirits and improving memory. For relief of fearfulness (as if something were creeping out of every corner), easily vexed, fidgety, restlessness, indifference and brain feels tired.  Oversensitivity to external impressions.  For mental disorder with exaggerated idea of one’s own importance.   For fatigue of eyes and head without much use.  Black spots seem to float before eyes, letters appear red, edema of eyes and lids.  Cataract.  Glaucoma.  For difficult hearing.  For oversensitive smell.  Face is pale, sickly complexion and blue rings under eyes.  Tearing pain in facial bones.  Gums swell and bleed easily.  Tongue is dry.  For hunger soon after eating.  For pain and inflammation of stomach with burning in throat and bowels. Relieves hoarseness, painful larynx while speaking, cough from tickling in throat.  Congestion of lungs.  Tightness across chest.  For jaundice and pancreatic disease.  For relief of hard stools and hemorrhoids.  For males with lack of power, irresistible desire, involuntary emissions with lascivious dreams.  For relief of inflammation of the uterus.  For iron deficiency anemia.  For inflammation of veins.

          Prunus Cerasifera Flos: (European ref. only)  (Cherry Plum Flowers)

          Traditional flower remedy known for its gentle calming and stabilizing effect in a wide range of stressful situations.

          Rhus Toxicodendron: (Boericke’s) (Poison Ivy)

          A wonderful  remedy for people who are listless, sad, thoughts of suicide, restlessness with continued change of position and great apprehension at night and cannot remain in bed.  Also great for ailments from strains and overlifting.  Head feels as if board were strapped on the foreheads, headache in back of head, vertigo when rising, heavy head, brain feels loose and scalp is sensitive.  For inflamed, red and swollen eyes and lids.  For pain in ears as if something were in them.  Tip nose is red, sore, ulcerated.  Also for sneezing.  For jaws that crack when chewing and jaw is easily dislocated.  For relief of facial neuralgia.  Teeth feel loose, long and gums are sore.  Tongue is red and cracked, corners of mouth cracked and fever-blisters around mouth and chin.  For sore throat, sticking pains when swallowing and swollen glands.  Relieves unquenchable thirst, nausea and bloated abdomen after eating.  For relief of violent pain in abdomen that is relieved by lying on abdomen.  Swelling of inguinal glands.  For relief of diarrhea and foul stools.  Urine is dark.  For swollen male scrotum and relieves intense itching.  Also relieves swelling and itching of the female vulva.  For early and prolonged menses.  Relieves tickling behind upper sternum, oppression of chest and dry cough during night.  Hoarseness.  For relief of influenza with aching in all bones.  Heart pulse is quick, weak, irregular, intermittent with numbness of left arm, trembling and palpitation when sitting still.  Relieves pain between shoulders on swallowing.  Pain and stiffness in small of back and stiffness of nape of the neck.  For relief of hot, painful swelling of joints.  For pains tearing in tendons, ligaments and face.  For relief of rheumatic pains all over body, nape of neck, loins and extremities.  For relief of sciatica pain which is worse in cold, damp weather and at night.  Tenderness about knee-joint.  For loss of power in forearm and fingers.  Relieves tingling in feet.  Relieves fevers, intermittent chills and restlessness.  Relieves red, swollen skin and intense itching.  For relief of dreams of great exertion.  Heavy sleep from stupor.  Sleepless before midnight.

          Sulphur: (Boericke’s) (Sulfur)

          A great remedy for forgetfulness, difficult thinking, delusions, irritability, selfishness, no regard for others, depression and religious melancholy.  For relief of beating headache (worse when stooping), sick headache recurring periodically, constant heat on top of head and vertigo.  Relieves burning ulceration of margin of eyelids, and heat and burning in eyes.  Halo around lamp-light.  Whizzing in ears.  Oversensitive to odors.  Deafness proceeded by exceedingly sensitive hearing.  Herpes across the nose.  Lips, dry, bright red and burning.  Bitter taste in morning.  Jerking through teeth.  Throbbing and swelling of gums.  Relieves burning, redness and dryness of throat.  Also relieves pressure as from a lump, splinter or hair in throat.  Balances loss of appetite to excessive appetite.  Food tastes too salty.  Milk disagrees.  Abdomen is very sensitive to pressure.  Pain and soreness over liver.  Relieves itching and burning of anus.  Hemorrhoids.  Morning diarrhea.  Frequent urination especially at night.  Stitches in male penis.  Involuntary emissions.  Itching of genitals.  For female vaginal burning.  Menses proceeded by headache.  Nipples cracked.  Oppression and burning sensation in chest.  Difficult respiration, wants windows open.  Red, brown spots all over chest.  Drawing pain between shoulders.  Stiffness of nape.  Relieves trembling of hands.  Hot sweaty hands.  Rheumatic pain in left shoulder.  Stiffness of knees and ankles.  Cannot walk erect, stooped shouldered. Burning in soles and hands at night.  Talks jerks and twitches during sleep.  Vivid dreams.  Wakes up singing.  Wakes frequently and becomes wide awake suddenly.  Dry skin and great thirst.  Dry, scaly, unhealthy skin.  Freckles.  Hang nails.

          Symphytum Officinale: (Clarke’s) (Comfrey Root)

          Provides relief from headache, pain in eyes, pain in back from a fall, pain in joints, bruises, sprains, inflammation of bones, fractured bones.  Relieves backache from sexual excess.  Relieves sore breasts.

          Veratrum Album: (Boericke’s) (White Hellebore

          Centers its action on melancholy with stupor and mania; sullen indifference, frenzy of excitement, shrieks and curses.  Delusions of impending misfortunes.  Great for post-operative shock with cold sweat on foreheads, pale face, rapid and feeble pulse.  Surgical shock.  Hoarse, weak voice.  Rattling in chest.  Much mucous in bronchial tubes that cannot be coughed up.  Relieves loud and tickling coughs.  Heart palpitation with anxiety and rapid audible respiration.  Pulse irregular, feeble.  One of the best heart stimulants in homeopathy.  Relieves cramps in extremities.  Soreness and tenderness of joints.  Sciatica pains like electric flashes.  Wrinkling of skin of hands and feet.  For fevers, chills with extreme coldness and thirst.  For headaches with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pale face and neck too weak to hold head up.  Eyes are surrounded by dark rings.  Face features are sunken.  Tearing in cheeks, temples and eyes.  Salty saliva.  Toothaches.  Hiccoughs.  Anguish in pit of stomach.  Sinking and empty feeling in abdomen.  Constipation.


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