Dusky Pionus

Dusky Pionus Parrots (Pionus fuscus) are endemic to Southern Venezuela, Guianas, extreme north-eastern Colombia and northern Brazil / Lower Amazon.. Longevity: ...

Bronze-winged Pionus

Bronze-winged Pionus Parrots (Pionus chalcopteru) are unusually colored parrots native to South American, specifically the Andes of Colombia (except Nariño), Ecuador, ...

Dickcissel, Spiza americana, Convention Center, South Padre Island, TX 04/26/13

Pionus – Red-backed Parrots

The Pionus Parrots are endemic to Central and South America. Pionus is a medium-sized parrot with a chunky body, bare eye-ring, (which can vary in color) and a short tail.

White-headed Pionus or Speckle-faced Parrot

The White-headed Pionus (Pionus seniloides) may be classified as a subspecies of the Plum-crowned Parrots (Pionus tumultuosus seniloides) but this is controversial and it is sometimes classified as a separate species, Pionus seniloides.