Does My Cockatiel Recognize Me?

Do Cockatiels Really Recognize Their Owners?

Loud chirps, the flapping of wings and maybe your cockatiel is hanging upside-down from its perch; these are all good signs your feathery friend recognizes you. But how does your pet cockatiel know it’s really you? This article aims to shed some light on that very question. A cockatiel recognizes you the moment you enter … Read more

How to check your Cockatiel´s health by looking at its droppings

The Ultimate Cockatiel Poop Guide

Did you know that you can easily check your Cockatiels health? You can! Simply look at its droppings! Your avian chum’s droppings are one of the best indicators of your bird’s wellbeing. In short, always check the number of times a day he or she goes, the color, poop distribution in the cage, the volume … Read more

Why Is My Cockatiel Shaking?

4 Reasons Why Your Cockatiel Is Shaking

Cockatiels are great household pets- they’re fun, easy to take care of, and cute, too. However, you may notice some strange behavior in your cockatiel that may cause you to worry. One such example of strange behavior is shaking but shaking is not usually a cause for alarm. If you see your cockatiel shaking, it … Read more

Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes?

Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes? Be Careful!

Cockatiels are a common household bird all around the world, although they are from Australia. They tend to be easy to take care of and make friendly pets for people of all ages. Their diet was something of a mystery since there are so many foods on the market. So, can cockatiels eat grapes? Yes, … Read more

Are Cockatiels Cuddly?

Are Cockatiels Cuddly? What You Should Know

Cockatiels are not like dogs that love cuddles all the time. The question is, are these birds still cuddly or is it best to just have them sit on your finger without touching them too much? Let´s find out! Are Cockatiels Cuddly? Cockatiels can, in fact, be cuddly, however, it does greatly depend on their … Read more