Are Cockatiels Afraid Of The Dark?

Are Cockatiels Afraid Of The Dark?

If you own a cockatiel, chances are you have experienced at least a few episodes of night frights with your bird. This can be scary and unsettling for you both. So is your cockatiel actually afraid of the dark? Cockatiels do experience night frights more commonly than any other type of bird, and they are … Read more

Are Cockatiels Smart?

Here Is How Smart Cockatiels Truly Are

Calling someone a bird brain used to be an insult to their intelligence. Over time, scientists have begun to realize what bird owners have known all along . . . having a bird brain is no joke after all. Are Cockatiels Smart? Cockatiels are actually incredibly smart. Avian experts say that cockatiels possess the intelligence … Read more

Do Cockatiel Bites Hurt?

Do Cockatiel Bites Hurt? What You Should Expect

Do you have a cockatiel and wondered whether their bites will hurt you? While we never want to think about our little bird friend’s biting us, it can happen for a number of reasons. Despite their size, it is important to realize that cockatiels do have a beak and they will bite if they feel … Read more

Are Cockatiels Afraid Of Cats?

Are Cockatiels Afraid Of Cats? How To Make It Work

If you are thinking about getting a cockatiel but you already have pets, you may be wondering what this bird is like with other animals. In particular, a lot of pet owners ask; are cockatiels afraid of cats? Are Cockatiels afraid of cats? Cockatiels are naturally scared or apprehensive of cats. But you can still … Read more

Do Cockatiels Like To Be Sprayed With Water?

Do Cockatiels Like To Be Sprayed With Water?

Spraying cockatiels with water is one of the ways in which you can help your pet bird go through its cleansing routine. But do all cockatiels like to be sprayed with water? After going through the experiences of numerous people who have a pet cockatiel at home, this is what I found. Most cockatiels enjoy … Read more

Why Do Cockatiels Like Shiny Things?

Here Is Why Cockatiels Like Shiny Things

Cockatiels are beautiful birds with so many endearing characteristics. One question I’ve always wondered is: why do some of them seem to be attracted to shiny things, like rings or necklaces? There’s nothing quite like having a beak darting toward your finger or neck, so today I decided to do a little digging and find … Read more

Do cockatiels like music?

Do Cockatiels Like Music? Do They Dance To It?

Most people enjoy playing music in their homes. However, if you own a cockatiel, you might be wondering if cockatiels will enjoy the music too. The good news is, cockatiels enjoy music as much as we do. You may even find that your cockatiel is dancing to the music that you play, and in some … Read more

How long can cockatiels go without water?

How Long Can Cockatiels Go Without Water?

Water is arguably the most important substance for all living beings, including cockatiels. Humans can live for about three days without water, but what about cockatiels? There’s no definitive answer, but many people agree that cockatiels can live for about a day without water, even less. Never, ever put your cockatiel in such circumstances. It … Read more

why is my cockatiel not drinking water?

Why Your Cockatiel Is Not Drinking Water

If you hang around your cockatiel for a little while and see that they are not drinking their water, you will soon know the answer to why is my cockatiel not drinking water-it is very likely due to the quality of the water being served. Why is my cockatiel not drinking water? The water may … Read more