Aru Red Sided Eclectus

The adult Aru Red Sided Eclectus Parrots is a large eclectus parrot, rivaling the Vosmaeri in size.

The Aru Eclectus reaches about 14.5 – 15 inches (37-38 cm centimeters) in length and weighs 430 – 540 grams. Some appear to be larger than the Vosmaeri, but this is because of their length.

The Vosmaeri is a more bulky bird than the Aru Eclectus.

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    The main difference between the Aru Eclectus and all other Eclectus is that it is long and narrow in body structure. What gives this subspecies this lanky appearance is that it has a much longer tail than that of the Red-sided Eclectus. In fact, the Aru Eclectus has the greatest length of tail compared to any other Eclectus subspecies.


    The plumage of the Aru Eclectus is yellow-green over most of his body. He is very similar in coloration to the Red-sided eclectus, except that it has a slightly lighter plumage.

    The most definitive difference is the broad edging to its long tail. It has a broad (.6 inches), well-defined lemon yellow edging to its tail.

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      The primary wing-coverts and primary flight feathers are dark bluer, edged in green. The green tail is edged with yellow at the tips. The underside of the tail is black, edged with yellow. The iris is reddish orange. His iris is bright fiery red in color.


      The female Aru Red Sided Eclectus is larger than the red-sided female, and similar in coloration, except that it has a slightly lighter body plumage.

      The long tail of the Aru Eclectus female has less extensive black at the base of its light red tail. The edging of its tail often shows an orange-yellow sheen on some individuals.has a light red plumage with dark blue under the wing coverts.

      She also has a dark blue band running to the nape (back of the neck) . Her primary coverts are dark blue, with green-edged primary coverts. Their irides (= plural of iris) are a light, yellow-white color.

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        The following information and photos (unless stated otherwise) are copyrighted and have been reproduced with the permission of the owner of the material: Dr. Rob Marshall – an avian vet and bird breeder in Australia, and author of “A Guide to Eclectus Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds”.


        Species: Scientific: Eclectus roratus aruensis … English: Aru Red-sided Eclectus Parrot … Dutch: Aru Edelpapegaai … German: Aru Edelpapagei … French: Perroquet eclectus d’iles Aru

        Distribution: Aru Islands in the province of Maluku in eastern Indonesia.

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