Brotogeris Species

Brotogeris Information

Alphabetic Listing of Species

Nominate Species and Sub-species:

Plain Parakeets – Brotogeris tirica (Gmelin, 1788)

White-winged Parakeets, previously known as Canary-winged Parakeets – Brotogeris versicolurus (Statius Muller, 1776)

Yellow-chevroned Parakeet – Brotogeris chiriri chiriri (Vieillot, 1818)

  • Behn’s Parakeet – Brotogeris chiriri behni (Neumann, 1931) – formerly brotogeris versicolurus behni

Grey-cheeked Parakeets – Brotogeris pyrrhoptera (Latham, 1802)

Tovi Parakeets aka Orange-chinned Parakeets – Brotogeris jugularis jugularis (Statius Muller, 1776)

Cobalt-winged Parakeets – Brotogeris cyanoptera cyanoptera (Pelzeln, 1870)Brotogeris - Sub-species Comparisons

Golden-winged Parakeets – Brotogeris chrysoptera chrysoptera (Linnaeus, 1766)

Tui Parakeets – Brotogeris sanctithomae sanctithomae (Statius Muller, 1776)

References: [AVTAX] Zoonomen; Zoological Nomenclature Resource; Birds of the World

Alphabetic Listing of Species

Behn’s Parakeets

Beni Blue-winged Parakeets

Beni Cobalt-winged ParakeetsPlain Gustave and Cobalt-winged Parakeets

Canary-winged Parakeets

Cobalt-winged Parakeets

Codajas Golden-winged Parakeets

Eastern Tovi Parakeets

Golden Parakeets

Golden-winged Parakeets

Grey-cheeked Parakeets aka Grey Cheek Parakeet, Pocket Parrot, Orange Flanked Parakeet, Orange Winged Parakeet

Gustave’s Parakeets

Orange-chinned ParakeetsTepui Parrotlet

Plain Parakeets

Rio Negro Parakeets

Santarém Tui Parakeets

Tovi Parakeets aka Bee Bee Parrots aka Orange-chinned Parakeets

Tui Parakeets

Tuipara Parakeets

White-winged Parakeets / White Parakeets

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