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Parrots found in …

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Antipodes Red-fronted Parakeet

Alpine Parakeets aka Orange-fronted Parakeets (Kakariki)

Antipodes Island / Green Parakeets (Kakariki)

Antipodes Red-Fronted Parakeets (Kakariki)

Black-fronted Parakeets, Tahiti Parakeets (Kakariki)

Chatham Red-fronted Parakeets (Kakariki)

Forbe’s Yellow-fronted Parakeets (Kakariki)

Kaka aka Nestor Parrots (Nestor meridionalis meridionalis)

Kakapo Parrots (Owl Parrots)

Kakariki (Cyanoramphus – Red-fronted Parakeets)

Kala aka Nestor Parrot aka New Zealand Parrots (Meridionalis): Please go to Nestor Parrots

Kea (Nestorinae)

Kermadec Red-fronted Parakeets (Kakariki)

Lord Howe Red-fronted Parakeets (Kakariki)

Macquarie Red-fronted Parakeets (Kakariki)

Nestor Parrots aka Kaka (Nestor meridionalis meridionalis)

New Caledonian Red-fronted Parakeets (Kakariki)

New Zealand Mountain Parrots

New Zealand Parrots (Meridionalis): Please go to Nestor Parrots

Norfolk Island Kaka aka Slender-billed Kea (Nestor productus aka Nestor meridionalis productus)

Norfolk Parakeets (Kakariki)

Orange-fronted Parakeets (Alpine / Kakariki)

Red-crowned Parakeets aka Red-fronted Kakariki (Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae novaezelandiae)

Red-fronted Kakariki (Kakariki)

Slender-billed Kea aka Norfolk Island Kaka (Nestor productus aka Nestor meridionalis productus)

Society Kakariki (extinct parrot)

Tahiti Parakeets (Black-fronted parakeets – Kakariki)

Yellow-crowned Parakeets: Please go to Rosellas (Australia) or Kakariki (New Zealand)

Yellow-fronted Parakeets (Kakariki)

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