Listing of Parrots found in the Americas (New World)

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Parrots found in:

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Amazon Parrots

Andean Parakeets (Bolborhynchus)

Barraband’s Parrots (Splendour Parrots)

Black-winged Parrots (Hapalopsittaca)

Blue-headed Pionus / Blueheaded Parrots (Pionus menstruus)

Bronze-winged Pionus

Brotogeris Parakeets

Brown-hooded Parrots (Splendour Parrots)

Caica Parrots (Splendour Parrots)

Caiques (Pionitinae / Pionites)

Cobalt-winged Parakeets

Dusky Pionus (Pionus fuscus)

Golden-winged Parakeets (Brotogeris)

Grey-cheeked Parakeets aka Grey Cheek Parakeet (Brotogeris)

Lineolated Parakeets (Bolborhynchus)


Maroon-Bellied Conure or Parakeet (Pyrrhura frontalis)

Maroon-fronted Parrots (Rhynchopsitta terrisi aka Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha terrisi)

Maximilian’s aka Scaly-headed Pionus or Scaly Headed Parrot, Scaly Face Pionus (Pionus maximiliani)

Mealy Parrots

Mitred Parakeet / Mitred Conures (Aratinga mitrata)

Mountain Parakeets aka Golden-fronted Parakeets (Bolborhynchus) quaker parrots

Orange-chinned Parakeets (Brotogeris / Tovi)


Plain Parakeets (Brotogeris)

Plum-crowned Pionus (Pionus tumultuosus)

Pileated Parrots, Red-capped Parrots (Splendour Parrots – South American Parrots)


Pocket Parrots (Grey-cheek – Brotogeris)

Purple-bellied Parrots aka Blue-bellied Parrots (Triclaria malachitacea)

Quaker Parrots

Red-billed Parrots aka Sordid or Coral-billed Parrots (Pionus)

Red-lored Parrots (Amazons)

Rose-faced Parrots (Splendour Parrots)

Rufous-fronted Parakeets (Bolborhynchus)

Rusty-faced Parrots (Hapalopsittaca)

Saffron-headed Parrots (Splendour Parrots)

Santarém Tui Parakeets (Brotogeris)

Short-tailed Parrots or Sharp-tailed Parrots (Graydidascalus)

Slender-billed Conure, Slender-billed Parakeet, Conure À Long Bec, Perruche À Bec Gracille, or Cotorra Choroy (Enicognathus leptorhynchus)

Juvenile Sun Conure (Aratinga solstitialis)

Tui Parakeets (Brotogeris)

Vulturine Parrots (Gypopsitta vulturina aka Pionopsitta vulturina)

White-capped Pionus aka White Crowned Pionus, White Cap Parrots / Pionus (Pionus senilis aka Pionus seneloides)

White-headed Pionus aka White-headed Parrots (Pionus seniloides)

White-winged Parakeets (Brotogeris)

Yellow-chevroned Parakeets (Brotogeris)

Yellow-faced Amazon (Salvatoria xanthops)

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