Average weight of common parrot species

Bird Weight is the Primary Indicator of Good Bird Health or Disease.
Diseases / health problems associated with either weight gain or weight loss in pet birds.

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Parrots In Aviculture
by Rosemary Low – Additional Data added by Avianweb
TYPESPECIESAverage Weight / Weight Ranges in GramsAverage Chick Weight (grams)
AFRICAN GREYSCongo African Greys380 to 554 grams 
Timneh African Greys300 to 360 grams 
CAIQUESBlack-headed145-170 grams8
White-bellied165 grams7
LORIESBlue-streaked160 grams 
Chattering200 grams 
Dusky155 grams7
Rainbow130 grams5
Red170 grams 
LOVEBIRDSFisher’s50 grams 
Masked50 grams (most females weigh more than males) 
Peach-faced45 – 70 grams 
MISCAfrican Ringneck105 grams 
Canary12-29 grams 
Cockatiel90 grams4-5
Eclectus375-550 grams16
Indian Ringneck115 grams 
Kea1000 grams 
Pacific Parrotlet31-34 grams 
Red-fronted Kakariki100 grams 
St. Vincent580-700 grams 
Zebra Finch10-16 grams 
PARAKEETSAlexandrine250 grams 
Barraband’s140 grams5
Bourke’s50 grams 
Budgerigar25-60 grams (average 25 to 36 grams) 
Canary-winged70 grams 
Crimson Rosella145 grams 
Derbyan320 grams 
Golden-manteled100 grams 
Grey-cheeked45-60 grams 
Moustache110-140 grams 
Plum-headed90 grams5
Quaker or Monk90-150 grams (average 110 to 120 g) 
Red-rumped60 grams 
VARIOUS PARROTSBrown-headed125 grams 
Cape320 grams12
Great-billed260 grams13.5
Greater Vasa480 grams 
Grey380-554 grams12-14
Hawk-headed250 grams11
Jardine’s200 grams10
Lesser Vasa280 grams 
Meyer’s120 grams5
Pesquet’s700 grams18
Red-bellied125 grams7
Scarlet-chested40 grams 
Senegal110-130(average 125 grams)6
PIONUSBlue-headed230-260 grams (average 250 grams) 
Bronze-winged210 grams 
Dusky200 grams9
White-capped180 grams 

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